From: "Michael Hengelsberg" <>





Just wanted to drop a line to let you know that I now have LOTS of

information on Wurlitzer OP 539.  It is now back in its original home

(albeit in pieces at this point), the Temple Theatre in Viroqua (incorrectly

spelled Viroque on the Wurlitzer list).  Right now the organ consists of its

original Stop list of type 135A.


These are:


Flute 16'

Salicional 8'

Vox Humana 8'

Trumpet 8'






The original traps are gone as is the original toy counter, chimes,

xylophone, glock and piano.  We will be replacing these when we get moving

on the reinstallation of this instrument.  I have yet to find anyone else

with an original Style 135A that still exists.  Please help out the

prospective La Crosse Chapter of the ATOS an the Temple Theatre Resoration

Committee with any information that you come across regarding Style 135A's

around the country.   I will update you as we progress in the restoration of

the organ.


Mike Hengelsberg,

La Crosse, WI


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