W. W. Kimball Co., KPO 5029
Kedzie theatre, Chicago Ill.
Style 23

(Specification provided by Philip Underwood who is the present owner)

Pedal (enclosed, CC-f1)

16’ Bourdon
1-30 Stopped wood

Great (man I, enc. CC-c4)
8’ Open Diapason
1-24 Zinc; 25-61 spotted metal
8’ Clarabella
1-24 Stopped wood; 25-61 Open wood Register
8’ Dulciana
1-6 Stopped Zinc; 7-12 Open Zinc; 25-61 spotted metal
Chimes Forte *
Chimes sustain *
20 note A-e3

Swell (enc. w/Gr. CC-c4)

8’ Stopped Diapason
1-61 Stopped wood
8’ Gamba
1-9 Zinc; 10-61 spotted metal
4’ Flute D’Amour
1-48 Stopped wood with pierced stoppers; 49-61 open common metal
8’ Vox Humana
1-53 spotted metal; 54-61 open common metal flues

Couplers **
Great to Pedal
Swell to Pedal
Swell to Great
Great (man I, enc. CC-c4) Super Octave (Gt. 4’)

Expression shoe
Crescendo shoe
Tubular Pneumatic Action
Chimes Piano *

* These were the stops the Chimes had after the conversion to electro-pneumatic action. Kimball had installed this Chime action in the Deere-Winman house at about the same year in its tubular pneumatic version. As a result I feel that these are correct.

** These are the couplers that Kimball was using in this era. Since the conversion console had/has the standard full complement of couplers for a 2-manual/Pedal organ I have only listed what I believe to be the original couplers.

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