Courtesy of Phil Lyons, Jr.
Saucier, Mississippi
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Closeup of a section of the "off" position pneumatics on the underside of the stop rail assembly. View of underside of stop rail assy showing the "off" position pneumatics. Twill tape connects the pneumatic to the stop switch arm. The Combination action blowbox with its' chest magnets, running the full width of the console, is shown in the rear of the photo. Under that assy is the backside of the setter board.
Closeup of auxilliary combo action blowbox on left end of console.
Rear of stop rail assy. showing stop switches and the upper pneumatics. Tin tubing connects each pneumatic to the blow box manifold.
Right end of bolster showing the first stop switch with its' associated pair of pneumatics.

Closeup of a section of the setter board.

Better view of Combo setter board. Partial view of the multi contact pneumatic combination switch stack.. Each pneumatic switch is operated by a single piston. These large pneumatic relays are what produce the signature "thunk thunk" sound when the combo system is exercised.

Partial view of the setter board. Round tags list the piston numbers. Each on/off pin is located in the row identifying the voice indicated on the white celluloid legend plate.

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