Journal documenting Dendy Console Rebuild Project, is provided by Julien Arnold
To see high resolution photo, double-click on photos below.
Showing spacing blocks- large one is 2mm higher than SAM.  Spacer between rails is 18mm.
Straight edge nailed to base board to obtain depth of horseshoes.  Base board to suit 4 manual consoles as well as 3 manual.

Straight edge nailed to original horseshoe to measure depth for accurate cutting of new base board.

Baseboard now cut to correct depth – rails left long until SAMs fitted.

Steel baseboard support, packing in side panels yet to be trimmed.

Original backrail in place for checking fit.
Original backrail on milling machine for recutting stop apertures.  Milling cutter top RHS.
Note timber in fills in Keyboards to take new piston layout – 15 manual.
Baseboard painted
Steel bracket ready for fixing to baseboard.
Neville Smith screwing in SAMs.  Note – console ends removed – baseboard fastened to steel brackets and Key desk.
Drilling holes for SAM screws (Robertson square socket)
Driving Robertson screws.
Note space between SAMs – very important.
Angle iron fixed to baseboard to prevent sag in MDF.
Special drill for pre drilling SAM fixing screws.  Note copper to be over drill to act as depth stop.  Robertson screwdriver.
First row of SAMs – Note swell pedal bracket fixed to console floor – Pedal board slip in under
Second row of SAMs in.
Note swing out tray for solid state relay
Angle bracket has now been extended to the rear, as stop rail assembly to whish is also fitted back rail is now rear heavy.
Gap left for swell indicators.
The Finished Console