Building "Effects" Pneumatics For your Toy Counter ..... (part 1).

This article shows how to construct a simple pneumatic device to blow a metal police whistle for your toy counter. The resulting effect can be very useful during a police chase scene in a silent movie or for marching band effects like a rousing arrangement of "Seventy-Six Trombones".
Directing pneumatic on underside of reservoir cover controls air flow to a metal police whistle. The whistle is soldered to a 2x2 square of brass shim stock that is positioned over the port supplied by the all-in-one pneumatic. Shown here is the top side of the device without the whistle in place. Brass terminal posts provide a path to the wires on the 90 ohm magnet coil. The small hole between the two stainless-steel mounting screws is a vent hole that allows the pneumatic to exhaust when it is in the open position. For this particular valve to function correctly, this port must remain unobstructed.
Complete reservoir and valve assembly prior to installing the whistle. A 3/4" hole through the reservoir bottom, and through the top of the wind box below, admit air to the device. Finished product: Sounds every bit as good as the one on the Ann Leaf "Son Of The Shiek" recording.
Here is another project about which we will be giving more information soon. It is a Wurlitzer style triangle. Produced inside of a single weekend, this simple device uses the classic Notterman packaged action unit.

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