By Philip Underwood.


Question:. I guess I'm wondering what the first gasket is made of. I tho't it
was thick felt as well. Can anybody give me the kind of felt (thickness
and other parameters) that one tends to use for these seals?

The felt is .25" thick low density felt. Actually a soft cork gasket
material from the auto parts store would probably work just fine. The
important thing is it be soft enought to seal the irregular edges.

2. As I removed the dividers, the edges appeared to have felt on them
as well. This site doesn't say anything about replacing the felt. Can
somebody help me here - again, with specifics.

The felt on the dividers is a similar felt. It seems to be also .25"
but since it has been compressed for a long time I can not be positive. The
important thing here is it be soft enough to allow the plates to fit into
the shell.

Both of these felts can be purchased from any felt dealer. McMaster-Carr
has a large line of felts. A F-13 grade wool felt should work fine. The
web site for them is: