Biography of Lloyd Del Castillo
Lloyd Del Castillo was born April 2, 1893, in Boston, to parents Frank Marion Del Castillo, M.D. and
Minnie May Castillo. At the time, Dr. Marion Del Castillo was a physician in the Boston area and he
had been educated at Boston Medical College. Dr. Del Castillo’s father, Francis Del Castillo, was a
Cuban emigrant who married to a New Hampshire native named Marietta.
Lloyd was educated at Cambridge Rindge & Latin School in Cambridge. WW-I draft records indicate that in
1917, Lloyd was employed as a theatre musician in the Bijou Theatre in Springfield, MA. He was married
to Phyllis Winkler who was born in Chicopee Falls, MA.
During his career, Del Castillo rose through the ranks to become a respected theatre, radio and television
organist and music arranger. He was active in the American Theatre Organ Society and contributed many
articles to the society’s magazine publications under the name of Dinny Timmons, which was a character he
created. Prior to moving to Los Angeles, he operated a school for theatre organists in the East. He also
produced several records on the Concert label including recordings of the Wiltern Kimball and the Elks Temple
Morton theatre organs.
Lloyd Del Castillo died July 6, 1992 in Los Angeles and he was preceded in death by his wife Phyllis who
died June 14, 1975 also in Los Angeles.