Buddy Cole recordings, in terms of a discography.


Organ Moods in Hi-Fi, Columbia CL 874

Pipes & Chimes of Christmas, Columbia CS 8032

Pipes And Chimes For Christmas, Harmony-Columbia HS 11198

Christmas Organ And Chimes, Pickwick 33 Records SPCX-1001

Pipes, Pedals and Fidelity, Columbia CS 8065

Have Organ, Will Swing, Warner Brothers WB1211

Buddy Cole Plays Cole Porter, Warner Bros WB1226

Hot and Cole, Warner Brothers WB1252

Sleepy Time Gal, Warner Brothers WB1265

Powerhouse!, Warner Brothers WB1310

Most Recorded Songs of All Time, Warner Brothers WB1357

Swing Fever, Warner Brothers WS1373

Backgrounds to Love, Warner Brothers WB1384

Love Between Goodbyes, Warner Brothers WS1397

Ingenuity In Sound, Warner Brothers WBS1442

Modern Pipe Organ, Warner Brothers WBS1533

Autumn Nocturne, Warner Brothers WB1557

Pipe Organ Plus: Pops Concert Extravaganza, Alshire LP

Pipe Organ Plus: Golden Age of the Dance Bands, Alshire S-5289

Remembered, Doric DO1421